Board of Education

The Buena Vista Board of Education is comprised of seven members who are elected by the local voters for a four year term. Three members are at-large representatives and four members represent specific districts or areas within the school district. Board meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays. The public is always welcome to attend the meetings and may provide input during the public comment section of each meeting.
The Board is a varied group of community members, many of whom are parents. We are proud of the leadership they provide for the school district and their sincere interest in our students' education and success in life.

Current Board Members

Erik Phillips,
Director, District D
BUSINESS OWNER 11/17, Term Exp 11/21
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Erin Flavin,
Secretary, District A
EDUCATOR, BUSINESS WOMAN: Elected 11/15, Term Exp 11/19
e-mail Mrs. Flavin
Ken McMurry,
Vice President, District B
RANCHER: Re-Elected 11/17, Term Exp 11/21
e-mail Mr. McMurry
Verena Sargent
Sec. to the Board
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Nancy Best,
Secretary, District C
EDUCATOR: Elected 11/15, Term Exp: 11/19
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Suzette Hachmann,
President, At Large
ENGINEER: Elected 11/15, Term Exp 11/19
e-mail Ms. Hachmann
Leslie Quilico,
Treasurer, At Large
PASTOR: Re-elected 11/17, Term Exp 11/21
e-mail Ms. Quilico
Tracy Storms,
Director, At Large
BUSINESS OWNER: Elected 11/15, Term Exp 11/19
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