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Middle/High School Building

Our new school project will include building a new 2-story high school and middle school academic wing,¬†a flex¬†commons area, new administration, a new tech/art/music/consumer studies area, a media enter/connector area, limited site work including new drives and parking areas, a new MS gym, and renovation of the HS gym. The existing MS/HS academic buildings, art building, MS gym and cafeteria will be demolished. The total new gross area is estimated to be 96,848 square feet. The total re-utilized gross area (industrial arts building) is estimated to be 7,840 square feet. The total renovated gross area is estimated to be 29,440 for a grand total of 134,128 square feet. Construction is expected to be completed while students are attending school. This project will be uniquely phased to ensure there is no disruption for students while they are in class and no temporary facilities are anticipated for the duration of the project. This project will be required to comply with the State Architect’s High-Performance Certification Program.