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eNav Program

BVSD is dedicated to ensuring that all students reach the PEAK OF SUCCESS. Current tech resources in the classrooms and on mobile laptop carts are limited and overbooked, and students don't always have access to technology at home to complete school projects. With the introduction of the eNav tablets, the use of technology will be more fully integrated into curriculum, helping to prepare our students for the future.

Specifically, the purpose of the eNav program is threefold:

To boost our student focus on the 7 c's (curious, connected, critically competent, collaborative, constructive, creative, character-centered).

To level the educational playing field for our students compared to other school districts.

to bring the world to our students, enabling research and connections to global peoples and cultures.

Over the next three years, there is a plan for tablets to be provided to all faculty and students and MMS and BVHS.

2014-2015 8th through 11th grade students and faculty will be issued tablets

2015-2016 7th & 8th grade students and 7th & 12th grade faculty will be issued tablets

2016-2017 6th & 7th grade students and 6th grade faculty will be issued tablets